Shop Stewards

Shop stewards shall advance and uphold the Collective Agreement.  When infractions are observed or brought to the shop steward's attention, she/he shall inform the Chief Steward.  If a Grievance is to be filed, the shop steward will be required to work with the Chief Steward during the process of the grievance.

If you are a Local 232 member who is experiencing an issue in our workplace or if you have questions about our Collective Agreement, please reach out to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Our steward's team is always here for you.

Chief Steward: Jula Sukumar-Dyer
Steward: Chelsea MacDonald
Steward: Elise Cote
Steward: Aleksandra Panic
Steward: Mark Everson
Steward: Peter Farrell
Steward: Scott Nunn
Steward: Carrie Bercic
Steward: Greg Sibley
Steward: Sabrina Payant-Smith