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Session: The issue of mental health in our workplace

Mamta Gautam, MD, MBA, FRCPC, CPDC, is a psychiatrist; a clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry University of Ottawa; and the President and CEO of PEAK MD, a company that focuses on Leadership Resilience, and keeping professionals well. As a psychiatrist, executive coach, consultant, speaker, author, and leader, she is committed to helping professionals remain healthy, enhance personal resiliency, and improve work performance.

Dr. Gautam is a pioneer, specialist, and champion of physician health and well-being. For 25 years, she has worked as a psychiatrist treating physicians exclusively in her private practice in Ottawa, Canada. She has been hailed as “The Doctors’ Doctor”. She was the founding director of the University Of Ottawa Faculty Of Medicine Wellness Program, the first physician wellness program at any academic center. This program served as the template for the Canadian Medical Association’s Centre for Physician Health and Wellbeing, where she consulted as an Expert Physician Advisor. She has served as the founding co-chair of the Canadian Psychiatric Association Section on Physician Health. She is the Founding Chair of the International Alliance for Physician Health, realizing her dream of advocating for physician health at a global level. Currently, she serves on the University of Ottawa ePhysician Health Advisory Committee, and the RCPSC Physician Health Working Group. She is leading a new initiative to create a regional physician wellness program, to serve all physicians working in the Champlain LHIN in Ontario.

She is a past president of the Ontario Psychiatric Association, as well as the Ottawa chapter of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada. Dr. Gautam is currently the President of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada.

Dr. Gautam is an internationally known expert, and sought-after speaker on topics related to Professional Health, and Leadership in Health Care. All of her clinical, coaching, educational, research and administrative energy is focused on the promotion of these areas of interest. She has delivered over 1000 keynote presentations around the world, created podcasts and videos, and authored peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on this topic. She wrote regular columns on physician health, Helping Hand, in the Medical Post for seven years, and now pens the Coach’s Corner, in the Canadian Society of Physician Executives newsletter. Her books, Irondoc: Practical Stress Management Tools for Physicians, and The Tarzan Rule: Tips for a Healthy Life in Medicine, are both national bestsellers. She is on the faculty of several medical leadership courses, including those of the Canadian Medical Association’s Physician Manager Institute, Canadian Society of Physician Executives, Schulich’s Ontario Medical Association Leadership Program, and the Oregon-based Foundation for Medical Excellence. She addresses Leadership Resiliency as a member of the faculty at the Executive MBA Program at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa, from where she received her own MBA.

Women in Medicine is an area of specific interest to Dr. Gautam. She has tailored leadership development workshops to meet the unique needs of her women colleagues, has helped to launch mentoring programs for women in numerous medical specialties, and worked to create policies to support and recognize women in the medical workplace.

She has received numerous national and international awards to recognize and honor her pioneering work in physician health, including the 2004 College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Council Award, and 2005 University of Ottawa Alumni Award for Community Contributions. She was awarded a Distinguished Fellowship in both the Canadian and American Psychiatric Associations for her innovative work in physician health. She was named as the inaugural recipient of the 2011 Canadian Medical Association Misericordia Award.